3 Garden Party Tips

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These Will Have Them Talking About Your Garden Party For Years To Come…

“Hey, you know this party is starting to look at little stiff Cole.”

That’s a line for the movie…

“We Are Your Friends” which stars Zac Efron as Cole the DJ, and Emily Ratajkowski as Sophie.

After Sophie tells Cole the party is starting to look a little stiff. Cole demonstrates to Sofie how he’s going to get the party going.

You got to check this scene out, it’s fun and you’ll learn your first garden party lesson.

It only takes a short 68 seconds to watch it. Check it out, then I’ll give you some great ideas for your garden party.

You’re back.


Now you know the beats of the music are critical, let’s look at…

3 Fun Garden Party Ideas

Garden Party Idea Tip #1

Adults love games. If you’ve never played Giant Jenga, then you’ve got to get yourself a set.

Giant Jenga?

You know that game where you take turns pulling out a piece of wood. Whoever knocks over the tower loses. Giant Jenga is the garden party version.

To make Giant Jenga more challenging for all players, encourage them to drink up, responsibly of course. As the extra drink now adds new challenges like… poor judgment, overconfidence and arguments.

What if you’ve got the beats of your music right, played games, and still the party is a little stiff?

Garden Party Idea Tip #2

A little warning with this one, take it steady at the start.

Casually mention in conversation some emotionally charged topics like politics, climate change, or Trump. You’re bound to have a few guests at your part who is the easily “trigged.”

The mere mention of any of these three topics should instantly ignite a pointless argument where people shout, don’t listen, ignore real facts, make up facts, and mouth off only what they’ve read on social media.

Don’t stop them. Let them get into it because this is sure to entertain your other guest.

What if you try this and the other great ideas I gave you and your party still suck?

You pull out the BIG GUNS.

And maybe I should have mentioned this one to you first.

Garden Party Idea Tip #3

Fact is…

Horrible lighting is a party killer, it makes the place look stiffer than a morgue.

So what can you do?

You want dimmable lights because bright lights can feel like an assault on the eyeballs.


You want ambient light. Otherwise, it looks sterile. Warm white 2200K is beautiful ambient lighting for garden parties.

The lighting for your garden party sets the mood. You could get a few other things wrong, burn the hot dogs, forget someone’s name, it won’t matter. Because the lights make your garden party a smash hit.

With the right garden party lights, your party won’t come off stiff, boring, or forgettable.

What type of lighting should you get for your garden party?

I’d suggest you get some Festoon lighting to start with because it makes your garden and outdoor area beautiful of an evening.

All the festoon lighting I have has dimmable LED bulbs, so you always get the right amount of light.

Put some Festoon lighting up and your guest will go home raving about your garden party.

If you need help with garden party lights, give me a call or email me at info@fusionlighting.com.au 

Enjoy your garden party.


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