Led Pool Light

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For the smart pool owner who wants a stunning pool without all the costly hassles…

“Discover How You Can Quickly & Easily Replace Your Busted Old Pool Light Without The Time & Cost Of Having To Empty 15,000L – 25,000L Of Water From Your Pool Or Worse Drill Holes Into It”

Best Part: “Electra 647S” LED Pool Light Effortlessly Delivers Crisp, Rich Colours Into Your Pool Creating
A Fun Playful Atmosphere, Fit’s Fast NO DRAINING Your Pool Or Drilling To Install IN 99% Of Pools
Because Of The Unique Patent Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket…Fits Fast & Saves You Wasting Time & Money

  • Puts incredible ultra bright colours into your pool because of the Premium Edison LED lighting and components. Simply turn on at night to leave your guests highly impressed with your pool. 
  • You can choose from 16 different stunning preset colour programs which are designed to bring your entertaining area to life and create a peaceful ambience leaving you relaxed. 
  • Enjoy total peace of mind with a Massive 3 Year Warranty. We believe the best LED Pool Light in the World should come with the Best Warranty in the world.
  • Save yourself time & money because all parts to fit the light fast and join to your existing cable are included.
  • Launches your pool into a premium entertaining area where great times with family and friends can be enjoyed.

led pool light

If you’ve been searching for an easy effective way to replace your old pool light without the costly hassle of having to drop the water level or drill new holes into the pool wall. Then this will be the most important document you read today.

Here’s why…

Since 2009 we’ve helped thousands of pool owners right across Australia and the world replace or fit a new pool light into their pool quickly and easily without the costly mistakes.

You see, replacing a pool light can quickly turn into a major hassle if you get the wrong light and wrong information.

And there’s plenty of that both of those out there.

But here’s the good news.

Our lights are trusted and used by Pool builders, Electricians, Electrical Wholesalers, Pool shops, Leading Holiday Resorts and Private Home Owners.

All these people demanded a simple solution to their lighting problems.

Which is fair enough, who wants to create extra work for themselves?

Check Out This Short Video To See How
Easy It Is To Save Yourself Time & Money


Right below here you can read what three happy customers have to say…


Super Bright & Fast To Fit

These LED Pool lights are super bright and the Best Part is with the Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket it saves you a lot of money and time to install because it fits straight on to your pool wall where the old bracket went.

Watch this 1 minute video below to see how easy it is:


Here’s Just A Few Of The Many Pool Light Models
You Can Easily Replace with “Electra”

  1. Poolrite
  2. Stroud
  3. Waterco
  4. Aquaquip
  5. Spa electrics
  6. Waterlinx
  7. Compupools
  8. Plus so many more, if you’re not sure just ask us.

The photos right below are just a few of the many old existing pool light brackets that once taken off the wall our Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket will go straight onto the wall using your existing screw holes.

Nothing else saves you time and money like the Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket does.



It’s simple to replace or fit a new pool light when you’re using a Fusion Lighting Pool Light.


Above are 4 of our customer’s pools!

…like a Rolls Royce it’s the way the lights built and the parts used that make it so damn good.

Uniquely Constructed So They Never Leak & Made With Cutting Edge
LED Technology So You’ll Get Years Of Enjoyment Out Of Them

  • Advanced 100% waterproof construction, thanks to the special waterproof Resin that protects the light engine and electrical working parts. This means water cannot access the light area.
  • Smart Energy efficient lights – they use between 3-33watts of power depending which colour pattern they are on.
  • Ultra Bright with a massive 2,475 lumens. To give you an idea one light down the end of a 12m shining straight down the pool will light the whole pool.
  • Safe low voltage lights they are 12V AC lights so the meet Australian Pool Laws for pool lighting.
  • Maintenance FREE lighting. You’ll never have to change a bulb in these lights.
  • Approved and meet electrical standards making them safe to use in your pool.
  • You can run 2 or more lights in your pool in perfect synchronization creating a beautiful light show
  • The light fits perfectly into pools having a diameter of 245mm and a depth of 50mm
  • Its been rigorously tested and passed for chlorine and salt water pools
  •  The light shell is made using High Rated UV resistant PVC.
  • Made from 100% Rust proof materials so they won’t leave ugly marks on your pool wall like many other lights do
  • Only Premium High Luminous & High efficiency Edison LED’s and components are used to create rich crisp colours.



(Just look how inviting the pool looks)

It’s the attention to detail that determines the quality…

Years of research and testing have gone into the design and build of our lights. Our lights aren’t the cheapest on the market that’s because we Refuse to sell cheap quality designed and made lighting that’s simply won’t last. It causes too many problems for you and me using cheap products.

We only use the best premium quality parts.

That’s why we can stand behind our lights and offer a 3 year warranty. You’ll find the Big Brands only offering you 12 months and charging you more for the light as well.

We’re not into Brands who give the customer nothing, we’re only interested into offering our customer the Best Value for money and exceptional lifetime service.

Let’s take a look at…

A few of the most commonly asked questions I get.

Q. How do I fit your light without dropping the water level in my pool?

A. Our Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket has pre-made holes in it that match up with 99% of existing light brackets on the market. You take your old bracket off the wall then attach the new Rapid-Fit Retro bracket using your existing screw holes.

If by chance none of the holes in the Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket don’t match up with your existing screw holes just drill some new holes into the Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket where you need them. The Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket has been specially designed to allow for this.

Q. Can I use my current transformer?

A. Yes you can only if it is a 12V AC transformer.

You cannot use your current transformer if it is: 22Volts, 24Volts 32Volts or 36Volts it will destroy these lights as they are 12V AC Only.

In most Australian states and territories 12V lighting in pools is required by Law.

Q. I can’t find my transformer where would it be?

A. If it’s not near the pool pump or on a wall somewhere it may be in the architraves of your house.

If you turn your lights on from inside your house there’s a fairly good chance your transformer has been hardwired in by an electrician. You will need to get a visual on it and see if it’s 12V AC.

If you still can’t find it you’re going to have to get an electrician around to locate it for you.

Q. How do I attach your new light to my existing cable so water can’t get in?

A. Your old light gets cut off when it’s sitting on the edge of the pool. The new light comes with 2m of cable attached to it, some of that will be cut off. We supply a Special 2 part heat shrink kit, the wires are crimped together then the heat shrink kit is heated and melts. This forms a water tight seal.

A heat gun is needed to use this kit correctly.

An electrician can does  this sort of work, or if you’re confident in this you can.

Q. Do I need a light with 2m of cable or 18m of cable?

A. A lot of the time you can’t pull the cable out it has to stay there. If that’s the case just attach the new light to your existing cable. If you can pull the old cable out get a new light with 18m of cable attached to it.

Q. I still don’t know if your light will suit my pool?

A. Do you have a concrete or fiberglass pool because we’ve fitted 1000’s of lights to these.

For concrete pools: Your bracket should be held to the wall by a couple of screws take them out then put the Rapid- Fit Retro Bracket straight on using those existing screw holes and leave the water in the pool.

Fibre glass pools with a current light: You can fit this light you’ll just need a bit of silicon ask for special instructions.

Fibre glass pools which have never had a light: You’ll need an extra part contact us and we’ll tell you how its done.

Still Not Sure?

The easiest way for me to help you is send in a picture of what your current pool light looks like. A photo of what the bracket on the wall looks like. Just take the best photo you can through the water of the bracket on the wall.

Email the photos to info@fusionlighting .com.au or SMS them to 0416 469 017 and attach your name so I know who I’m helping.

Q. Can I get 2 of your lights to synchronize?

Yes you sure can if they are turned on from the same power source at the same time they will be synchronized.

Q. Can I run more than 1 light off a transformer?

A. No/Yes only if that transformer has an inlet for each pool light cable. It’s illegal to hook them up any other way.

Q. I have a pool being built what do I need?

A. Get our lights with 18m of cable attached to them, if you’re after 1 light get one transformer as well. If you want to know about positioning of the light for the best result in your pool contact us.

Q. How To Change Colours on this incredible light?

Simply turn the power off then on this will change the colour pattern, if it’s on a Blue/Green colour it’ll stay there until you decide to change it.

Remote Control: We have an option to control the light with a remote control system this only works if your transformer will be plugged directly into a power socket. The remote doesn’t work if the transformer is hard wired in.

If I haven’t explained anything clear enough, and you still have a question just get in touch with us via email or phone and I’ll happily help you out.



(Just look how impressive Tony’s pool is)

Now You Can Sit Back With Pride And Enjoy Relaxing Evenings By Your Pool

Kick back with your family and friends and impress them with the smooth colour transitions, single colour fade, fast colour change or medium changing colours. You get to choose how you want your pool to look. If you want to leave it on a single colour you can.

badgeThe Best Pool Light In The World Comes With The Best Peace Of Mind Warranty In The World

We cover you with a 3 year warranty, there is no hidden very small fine print to read because we refuse to be like other companies. Here’s our warranty in very simple words. In the unlikely event your pool light has an issue with it due to the manufacturing of it. We’ll replace it with a Brand New Light. It’s only fair I’m sure you’d agree that if you damage it then that ones on you. We’ll stand behind our product for normal use.

Plus we’ll give you a…



When you turn your new pool light on for the first time and see how beautiful and impressive your pool looks, you’ll probably curse yourself for not doing this years ago.

It’s Time To Take Your Pool From Dull & Boring..


To An Amazing Resort Style Entertaining Area That
All Your Friends Will Rave About…


So what are you waiting for?

By now you can see the uniqueness of this pool light and how it will impact on your pool and entertaining area and turn it into a visual delight.

You’ll soon see how quickly and easily it can be fitted using the Rapid-Fit Retro Bracket. Plus with the unique Resin protecting the electrical working parts you’ll never have to worry about the light filling up with water.

And just think about this for a second…

We’ve now helped over 5,000 pool owners enjoy hassle free pool lighting backed up with fast customer support. Sure not every install has been straight forward for every single one of our customers.

But with some expert help over the phone (on a Saturday and Sunday) we’ve been able to work it out and give our customer the pool they’ve always wanted.

I’m sure that you’ll be more than excited when you see how Electra 647S lights up your pool.

What Your Next Step?

Just go to the top of the page and choose the option you’d like with any of the extras you need.

We’ll look after you today and well into the future.

Ben Forde

“Creating Stunning Pools”

P.S It’s never been easier to have Premium Quality LED Pool lighting in your pool. With our 3 Year Warranty you can make your purchase with total confidence. For a limited time only you can get the Rapid-Fit Retro Brackets absolutely FREE. These brackets are normally $65 but for a short time we’ll include it part of the bonuses.

Grab your pool light kit today to see how easy it is to turn your outdoor living space into a resort style area.

P.P.S You’ll love being on the exclusive members list and be the first to know and save on exclusive deals and Get FREE gift offers.

So grab your light now and let’s turn your pool into a perfect nightscape oasis.

Note:Best to have lights installed by a licensed pool technician or certified electrician. Always read instructions in full and follow before touching light. Never leave children unattended in a swimming pool on their own. And always have proper pool fencing in place.