You Could Be The Next Fusion Lighting
$1,000.00 Cash Winner

(Entry Period And Voting Begins Monday October 14th 2013)

Who can enter the $1,000.00 Fusion Lighting Cash Giveaway?

Anyone that has one of our products.

Here’s How You Enter:

It’s real simple to enter, just take the best photo you can of your Fusion Lighting product in action at your home.

It can be any of the products you’ve purchased off us. Then write a few words telling us what you love about your Fusion Lighting product.

Get your family involved and in the photo if you want. We want you to have some fun with it.

Then send your entry to

We’ll then upload your photo to a Newly created photo page on the Fusion Lighting website.


Judging The Winning Photo

A team of independent judges will carefully select what they think is the Best Photo. Their decision on the winning photo is final.


Mark This Day In Your Diary It’s Going To Be VERY Important

On Sunday the 22ndof December 2013 at 11am we’ll announce the winner live via video stream on the Fusion Lighting website.

Just imagine what you could do with $1,000.00 at Christmas time…

And it’s so easy to enter.

By entering this $1,000.00 cash giveaway you agree and accept the terms and conditions stated right here on this page.  The $1,000.00 will only be paid out with a Bank cheque.

The $1,000.00 cheque will be Express Mailed out to the winner the very next day.

Get your camera out and take your photo.

You could be The Next Fusion Lighting $1,000.00 Cash Winner



  1. Tell Your Friends That You Could Be The Next $1,000.00 CASH Winner
  2. Take The Best Photo You Can Of Your New Fusion Lighting Product In Your Home
  3. Submit Your Photo And Enter To Win Starting October 14th 2013

Check out the entries at: